Find a wide variety of crystals & minerals from Colombia and beyond for your Business. The newest varieties always arrive first to our Warehouse!

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The following photos are examples of the crystals and minerals that we wholesale: 

Water Clear Lemurians from Santander

        Colombian Pink Lemurian Clusters

Colombian Hand Polished Amber

Large Water Clear Lemurians from Santander  Rosé Pink Lemurian Clusters

 Colombian Blue Smoke Lemurian Wands

Peñas Blancas Lemurian  Colombian Clusters various formations

Colombian Golden Healer Blue Smoke Wands  Iron Cross Twin Pyrite

Mango Quartz Cluster  Elestial Crown Blue Smoke Lemurian Wands

   Phantom Blue Smoke Lemurian

  Mango Quartz Cluster

   Water Clear Lemurian Points from Santander

Colombian Lemurian Clusters  Colombian Laser Lemurians

Colombian Elite Shungite

Colombian Elite Shungite  Colombian Elestial Crown Blue Smoke close up