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Lemurian Quartz

XL Elestial Crown Blue Smoke Lemurian Quartz Crystal Wands from Santander, Colombia x5

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Main Characteristics: 

  • Elestial Self Healed Terminations 
  • Blue Smoke (Cookeite Included)
  • Angel Hairs (Actinolite included)
  • DNA Codings on the sides 
  • Golden Healer 
  • Barnacle 
  • Keys 
  • Starbrary Glyphs 
  • Rainbow Inclusions 
  • Hematite Inclusions

Size Range: 12 - 12,5 cm


6 XL Wands  

Origin: A small mine in the Santander region of Colombia

You will receive exactly the same crystals shown in the photos.