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Green Phantom Yttrium Fluorite. Peñas Blancas Mine (LOT: GF-152)

Green Phantom Yttrium Fluorite. Peñas Blancas Mine (LOT: GF-152)

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RARE and fascinating bi-colored fluorite crystals from one of the most famous emerald mines of Colombia. Colors vary from light pink to clear/white with an amazing rich grass green Phantom area. The most up to date information on the green inclusions by MINDAT: “The chromophore of these unique green fluorites is parts per million of the element Yttrium, rather than the emerald chromophore, Chromium.” The green area GLOWS, when back lit. Rich blue fluorescence under UV light.

LOT: GF-151

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The Peñas Blancas Mine is the most northern of all emerald mines in the Western Emerald Bearing Belt (Boyaca, Colombia), also known as the Vasquez - Yacopi District. The mineralogy of Peñas Blancas is very different from that found in the other mines in Colombia, particularly because of the absence of pyrite and other sulphides and the presence of fluorite crystals of up to 40 cm between aristes (MINDAT). 

These unique fluorites are extracted from a very hard pegmatite rock that the miners are only able to create a narrow shaft approximately 60 centimeters in diameter through. The brave miners enter these dark, narrow, wet, and rocky tunnels daily to recover these lovely fluorites.

ORIGIN: Peñas Blancas Mine, Bayacá region, Colombia 🇨🇴⛰️

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